Jessica Coblentz Color (11 of 12)My name is Jessica Coblentz, and I am a PhD Candidate in the Theology Department at Boston College. This site will introduce you to my work as a theologian committed to research, university teaching, and Christian formation in the broader church.

My current research in systematic theology focuses on Christian soteriology and theological anthropology, especially issues of human suffering. My dissertation, tentatively titled, “Depression, Salvation, and the Human Person,” will be complete in March 2017.

Service as an Instructor and Teaching Assistant in the Theology Department at Boston College has honed my skills as educator. Utilizing interactive lectures, multimedia tools, student-led learning, and lively in-class discussions, I introduce students to Christianity’s multifaceted history and theological traditions, expanding their understanding of Christian beliefs and practices. My writing-focused assignments sharpen students’ analytical and synthetic thinking as well as their communication skills.

A decade of professional and volunteer ministry work informs my research and teaching as a theologian. I worked in Roman Catholic Young Adult Ministry at the national, diocesan, college, and parish levels, which familiarized me with the spiritual realities of the students I continue to serve in the classroom.