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My heart is very heavy

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“In their first year of marriage, my parents had already moved twice.  Baba said that moving was part of being Palestinian.  ‘Our people carry the homeland in their souls,’ he would tell me at night as he tucked me in.  This was my bedtime story when I was three, four. ‘You can go where ever you want, but you’ll always have it in your heart.’  I’d think to myself: ‘That’s such a heavy thing to carry.'” 

–from Randa Jarrar, A Map of Home

Last post from LA; my heart is very heavy.  This city really is full of angels…


  1. Andrew Ferguson says:

    I’ve heard the angles in Seattle play trumpets, and are thus better 🙂

  2. Jeff Staples says:

    Andrew, you know you’ve spent too much time as an engineer when you confuse “angels” with “angles”.

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