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A little prayer from Etty Hillesum

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God, take me by Your hand, I shall follow You dutifully, and not resist too much.

I shall evade none of the tempests life has in store for me, I shall try to face them the best I can.

But now and then grant me a short respite.

I shall never again assume, in my innocence, that any peace that comes my way will be eternal.

I shall accept all the inevitable tumult and struggle.

I delight in warmth and security, but I shall not rebel if I have to suffer cold, should You so decree.

I shall follow wherever Your hand leads me and shall try not to be afraid.

I shall try to spread some of my warmth, of my genuine love for others, wherever I go.

But we shouldn’t boast of our love for others.  We cannot be sure that it really exists.

I don’t want to be anything special, I only want to try to be true to that in me which seeks to fulfill its promise.

I sometimes imagine that I long for the seclusion of a nunnery.  But I know that I must seek You among people, out in the world.


  1. Oh my – thank you, thank you, thank you.

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